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Thibault, Wedding Photographer
… of Life, Universe and Everything *

autoportrait de Thibault Maestracci, photographe de mariage

My name is Thibault, I am a wedding photographer and live in the south of France with my wife, my son and my cat! I am passionate about music, aeronautics, IT and especially photography. My career as a photographer is made up of essays in portraiture, landscape, aerial… I learn technique, develop an artistic eye and discover in myself a particular appetite for reportage.

Today, I share this passion between wedding photography and concert photography. These two universes allow me an artistic vision that inspires me and in which I feel comfortable.

I am discreet by nature, but like to approach people. Indeed, it is after having made at least my knowledge that I obtain the most natural and spontaneous images. The idea is not to be the photographer who only interferes in the ceremony and leaves, but rather to follow you from the preparations until the cocktail or until the evening.

* Reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Are you classified as human?
Louder !!

Music photographer

It is on the concerts that I do my apprenticeship in photography. I had the chance to tour France and Europe as a sound engineer… with a camera in my hands!

Vue aérienne artistique des étangs de Montady, proche de Colombiers et de l'oppidum d'Ensérune et de Béziers dans l'Hérault
Ready for takeoff !

Certified drone pilot

I’m also passionate about air travel (and Airbus A320 flight simulators, but that’s another story!).

When I was younger, I practiced flying a lot, I criss-crossed the Hérault skies in my little Cessna! I have since been trained in drone piloting, and am therefore officially a “remote pilot”.

There are some pretty drone photos to take at a wedding, especially group photos. The realization of these wedding shots by drone requires organization and rigor (security requires!). It can really be worth it if the place of reception lends itself to it! Exactly, back to your wedding…

Vue aérienne artistique de la source de la rouquette, entre Neffiès, Fontès et Cabrières, dans l'Hérault

My approach to photography is documentary

Reportage wedding photographer

There are different approaches to wedding photography. There are certainly as many as there are photographers, but in general there are certain trends that bring us together: the traditional style, the editorial and the reportage. For my part, even if I gladly adapt to your request, my approach is that of documentary wedding reporting.

The staging is not my trademark although the exercise interests me. What makes me vibrate above all is to bring you images, which will make you remember in 5, 10 and 20 years, the magic moments that you lived that day, and the people with whom you have shared.

As a wedding photographer, my vision is reportage-oriented, without (or with very little) intervention on my part (I’m going to remove the bottle of water present in the frame, but I’m not going to move a piece of furniture to take a photograph of the wedding dress!…unless that’s your wish of course!)

Le marié répare la robe de la mariée, mariage civil à Béziers, photos de couple au Plateau des Poètes.
What I appreciate in wedding photography is the joyful and sincere atmosphere that punctuates the day, sometimes intimate, sometimes solemn.

It is also the possibility of offering you an approach that suits you, traditional couple photos are not mandatory, a beautiful memory can also be a stolen laugh.